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WebsPlus have been awarded the contract to design the web site for Tid Services, a building contractors based in West Yorkshire.
View their site's progress at

We always aim to give 'the works' when we start a project, but now we even get to design a site named 'The Works'! They are a Nail, Beauty and Hair salon based in Tadcaster, who also have an 'alternative therapies' treatment range.
You can view the progress of their site soon as we like to ask for full approval before a site is made live.



A website is basically an 'online' brochure of what you can provide and to who.

If your new to this, then here are a few things to think about if you decide you would like a site building.

The basic pages many sites contain are

•A homepage

- which is the first thing anyone sees when they navigate to your site

•About Us

- information about yourself or your company


- about the services you offer - could also be 'Products' if you sell items as opposed to services

•Gallery or Portfolio

- shows a picture gallery of your products or an overview of what you have achieved to date.

•Contact Us

- a page with names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses or a contact form and sometimes a map

It goes without saying that your site doesn't have to have these, and can also contain many other pages, some of which are 'inside' other pages, so your site looks tidy when it is first viewed but can open up further levels to show your information.