About branding...

The idea behind any branding has to come from those who want to make their mark.

A conceptual description is sometimes all that is required for us to move forward and develop a range of samples based around it, and then continue through a period of redesign until the required 'look and feel' has been achieved.

How the design looks and is presented e.g. as a simple one/two colour logo, a full digitised logo, or animation, depends upon the media on which it will be used, e.g. on a web site, company letterheads, certificates, badges or on clothing.



Although the three images above are blurred, low quality, and only partially visible, you will most probably be able to name all the brands or the products they are associated with, as will many people throughout the world - this is branding!

Your image is important in many ways and so is you 'strap line'. It's hard to put a thousand words into a logo and a short succinct strapline, but if it's right, it will let the world know what you do best.

Whether you're starting from scratch, have a design scribbled on the back of a beer mat, it's in your head, or have full company branding, WebsPlus can design your branding, and transform your ideas into reality.


Make your mark and make it today!