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WebsPlus have been awarded the contract to design the web site for Tid Services, a building contractors based in West Yorkshire.
View their site's progress at

We always aim to give 'the works' when we start a project, but now we even get to design a site named 'The Works'! They are a Nail, Beauty and Hair salon based in Tadcaster, who also have an 'alternative therapies' treatment range.
You can view the progress of their site soon as we like to ask for full approval before a site is made live.


What's there to tell? .

WebsPlus was formed as an offshoot of its sister company Chip Technologies when it became clear it needed a website division.

Throughout the installations it undertook, it became clear many companies set up and advertised locally, or delivered the contracts they established themselves for, but often never thought of the wider audience.

Other considerations overlooked were company email addresses that were secure but accessible by authorised staff on any computer.

Ultimately, they all provided a fantastic product or service but if customers couldn't find out about it they were underselling themselves.

So from this we formed WebsPlus and have helped varied companies and organisations realise their potential by putting their buisnesses on the web.

Why WebsPlus you ask, well simply. we do WebsPlus a whole lot more!